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The letter is written on cream-colored paper in a careful, graceful hand, and sealed in blue with her personal seal.

It is addressed, quite simply, to Susannah.


Were I writing this under other circumstances, I would very likely have set a warding upon the page such that it would be attuned to you and so that the words written here would fade within moments of its leaving your hands. As it happens, I have decided against doing so; I would ask, however, that you take care with it and that you would see it destroyed before you see it lost.

That approach to matters is one I am certain you understand very well.

In your letter you wrote of raising your child in the luxury of safety; I tell you that such a thing is among the most priceless of gifts and to be cherished while it may be. There is a saying in the Borderlands: ‘Peace favor your sword.’ In a land and among a people that have never truly known peace, there is no greater hope that could be offered to another, and it is precisely this which you have done in protecting your Rose.

It is difficult to be marked out by the Pattern and drawn down a path that might not otherwise have been chosen; very difficult, indeed, as you have cause to know. It may be that your daughter is one such, as well. Should that be the way of things for her, I am certain that there is a reason for it, even if it is one that neither you nor she would wish. The Wheel weaves in all its mirrors, after all, and there are threads that are known to be echoed across both worlds and times. More than this I will not say, not here.

Nor will I speak overmuch here of the harshness of teaching and learning or of the difficulty and importance of secrets kept, save to note that I have some acquaintance with both, as I believe you are well aware. If you wish, we can talk further of these and other matters, in particular of the man who turned against you and yours. Such betrayal is not uncommon, under certain conditions; I strongly suspect it is more than possible that this is such a situation of… corruption. Let us call it that and leave be there, at least for now.

Light willing, I shall see you again soon. I cannot say for certain, however; we spoke before of the price of buying time, and I must tell you that I fear my own respite, such as it has been, is nearly over. Something has happened, although I could not say precisely what; now things are changing, and when it is time, I will do what must be done.

May Light illumine and protect you and yours, and give you joy, Susannah. You have been more dear to me than you know.



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