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She has closed the main switchboard for the day and is preparing to walk back to the apartment in the early evening, as is her usual habit.  When Moiraine leaves the sheriff's department, however, she finds that someone is waiting for her outside.  He looks up as the door opens, and nods a greeting.

"Give you a lift?"

The Aes Sedai does not allow her surprise to show, but inclines her head to him in turn.

"Thank you, Hawk.  I should be pleased to accept."

The trip is largely silent at first, save for the hum of the engine as he concentrates on navigating the road, still icy in spots.  She is not particularly surprised at this, as Tommy 'Hawk' Hill has always been inclined to be taciturn, insofar as she herself has seen.  For her part, Moiraine also remains quiet, observing the surrounding scenery with polite interest.

Eventually, he clears his throat.  "The dog's okay."

It needs no real thought for her to know what he is referring to; she herself had been the one to relay the call through dispatch that very morning.  A report of an attack by a wild animal, down at the lower edge of town.

"Is it so?" she replies.  "I am glad to hear it."

Hawk nods.  "It was starving; been through a hell of a time, from the looks of things.  Diane's looking after it over at the clinic now.   Says it's going to pull through just fine." A beat. "You knew it wasn't a wolf."

"I suspected," she tells him, with a very small shrug.  "It did not seem likely that it would be, from how the incident was described."  There is a pause, but her hesitation lasts only a fraction of an instant before she adds, matter-of-factly, "From what I have known of wolves, they would not behave in such fashion."

"Mmm."  Another beat.  "Used to be wolves around here, it's said.  They left, a long time ago."

"That might be considered something worth regret," she says, quietly.  "By some."

"Yeah.  By some."  He pulls up at the curb and puts the vehicle in park, although he leaves the engine running. "One of Diane's techs is moving down to Pullman for a while.  Vet school.  Washington State.  She's looking to rent her place." 

Hawk glances over at her. "Told her I might know someone who'd be interested."

"As it happens, you do,"  Moiraine murmurs.
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