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The study is a barren place, as compared to its appearance in days past. No books remain on the shelves, nor is there any other indication of her years-long residence.

(A locked wooden trunk rests now in the quarters she had long ago been given in the House of Arch. She had quietly seen to its placement days before, without mentioning it to anyone.)

Moiraine stands in the middle of the floor, a bright corona of light shining around her and a faint line creasing her forehead as she concentrates. It is delicate work, and slow, yet within the space of minutes all the layered wards and weaves that she has placed on the room over the years have unraveled and dissipated harmlessly under her direction.

She sighs, releasing saidar, and the golden aura winks out.

"It is done," she murmurs. "And now it is time."

The Aes Sedai picks up a bundle of letters from her desk, then glides smoothly across the room and out the door, closing it behind her.

For the first time in several years, it is left unlocked.
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She had considered going downstairs for the evening, but there is too much to be done, she feels.

Particularly given the situation with Kim Bauer, perhaps.

As a result, the Aes Sedai is instead ensconced in her study and working at her desk, sketching out notes on pieces of paper and searching through a number of books.
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She is upstairs working this evening, alternating between several projects in order that she might remain able to view each with clear mind and focus.

Moiraine has just set aside a journal open to her notes on the loosening of the Pattern and its effect on the dead of her world -- and now, perhaps, another -- and turned again in her anthology of poetry to a particular work, marked with a blue silk ribbon.


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