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Lucy had arrived without warning at the apartment shortly before noon, and five minutes later Moiraine found herself in the passenger seat of Lucy's car on the way to a Tupperware party at Norma Jennings' home.

Although it had been an extremely unusual experience, she cannot truly say that it had not been a pleasant one. At the very least, it might be considered a beginning step, of sorts, toward becoming an accepted part of town society.

The Aes Sedai suspects that may have been Lucy's intention to begin with, but she does not plan to ask. The only question that remains at the immediate moment is what to do with the few pieces of plastic dishware that she has acquired as a result.

At present, she is sitting in a chair at the small table in the dining nook, contemplating the potential for using Tupperware as a makeshift vase.
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[After this.]

When she returns from Milliways, Moiraine does not stay in the apartment for any longer than it takes to cross the room and walk out the front door. Two minutes later, she is gliding down the street at a brisk pace.

All things considered, it does not take her that long to reach the sheriff's station. Lucy blinks in surprise upon seeing her.

"Hi Moiraine -- are you looking for Sheriff Truman? I mean, probably you are, since this is the sheriff's station and all, and you haven't come by just to visit before, but I don't think he's here, or at least he wasn't here before, unless of course he came back while I was making another pot of coffee and is here now, in which case he is here, and if he is here, he'd be back in his office--"

"No, thank you, Ms. Moran-- Lucy," the Aes Sedai amends hastily, as Lucy opens her mouth again. "As it happens, I am seeking Dale Cooper; do you know where he might be found at present?"

"Well, he might be here too, except I don't think he is, unless--"

"Do you have some means of locating him?"

Mere moments later, the dispatch radio crackles to life.

"...Agent Cooper?"
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It is quiet in the apartment.

Moiraine has settled herself by the window with a book, but the text is being ignored in favor of the view.

There is a thoughtful look on her face.
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Upon her return from Milliways -- without difficulty, as it happens -- Moiraine makes use of the telephone a second time without delay.

One ring.



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