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Twin Peaks is a small town with a unique charm. Just ask anyone.

Part of the beauty of it is that you can do just that, and whoever you ask will be able to tell you pretty much whatever it is that you might be inquiring about. If you're looking for the town itself, well, it's easy to find -- located just five miles south of the Canadian border and twelve miles west of the Washington state line. If you're looking for somewhere to eat, perhaps to grab a cup of coffee or some of the best cherry pie to be found anywhere, why, the Double R Diner's the place to go, and you'll find that right near the corner of Main Street and Falls Avenue. If you're looking to stay awhile, almost anyone will direct you to the Great Northern Hotel out on the Great Northern Highway (opinions differ on which one was named first), near White Tail Falls.

Almost anyone, that is. After all, it might be the best hotel in town -- even if because it's the only hotel in town -- but occasionally the clientele at the Great Northern can be a mite peculiar.

(No more so than the owner, but then again, Ben Horne's peculiarities are well known. After all, he's one of Twin Peaks' own.)
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