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If there were a way that I believed I could safely spare you this, know that I would, but I cannot leave my world to pay the price of my absence.

Know also I could not have loved you more had you been born my family by blood. Light illumine and protect you, sister dear, all your days.



It is one thing to have knowledge; it is something else entirely to know what to do with it.

Through your studies, you have learned much of my world; of this I am aware. It may be that you alone know where it is that I now go and what I plan to do, as well. If so, I warn you not to speak of it, lest all be unraveled before time.

Nevertheless, I am glad to have known you; you have given me much to think on, among other things. Walk ever in Light.



It has been some time since I have seen you, and I do not know that you shall ever receive this, but I wished to write it all the same.

You have given me cause for many hours of thought, and I believe that I understand more of certain matters now than I did when last we met.

Forgive me, if you can. In any case, I wish you well.



The Wheel weaves, and all things are part of the Pattern. Although you were not born to the world and time that I myself am from, I am certain that there are reasons for the gifts that have manifested in and around you.

There may come a day when you encounter a young man by the name of Perrin Aybara at Milliways. Should this come to pass, you might mention that you are acquainted with 'Mistress Alys.' I believe that the two of you would find there to be some matters of interest between you.

Light illumine and protect you.



The world you have chosen is truly fortunate to have been blessed by your presence, and will be the richer for your decision. I am glad to have known you.



Take care of Raven, inasmuch as you or anyone can.



It is said that no man can stand in the Shadow so long that he cannot find the Light again.

You might consider what such a thing could mean to you.


The letter appears beside a familiar book.


As you once told me in the words of Master Paine, 'the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.' I do not think that I am either, and I do not mean to shrink from what I must now do.

Paine also wrote that "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value." There is a similar saying in my world as well: 'when the price is high, that is how you know it is worth paying.' Light send that our triumph, as well, be as glorious as the conflict has been hard.

You have been a dear and valued friend to me, and I am grateful to have known you. Walk ever in Light, Dale.


In slightly smaller writing below her signature, there are a few lines that look to have been added more recently.

I think that you may understand, now, more than I might have ever hoped, and I am more glad of it than I have words to express. For all that you have aided me in the past, you could not, you cannot, guard me where I go now, but I will carry your memory with me, and that alone will be gift enough.


Some time ago, I made a request of you. Since that day, I have come to realize that all things are part of the Pattern even more than I once thought, myself included.

Let it remain so.



Being who and what you are, you know what I have wanted; perhaps even what I have gone to do.

Know this as well: when the price is high enough, that is how you know it is worth paying.



You already know everything that I could ever have said were I to try to explain, I think. I believe, I must believe, that you also understand why I now do this, despite what it will mean.

I ask only one last thing of you, if you can someday give it-- be happy.


When the note appears, a cup of Callisto blue tea laced with Titanian Silver appears beside it on the bar's surface.


For all that we did not have many chances to speak, your words and insight have meant much to me, perhaps more than you may know. Light illumine and protect you, as you move through your own Pattern of days.



I shall always remember the music that you shared with me, and the lessons that you taught, as well. Thank you, for both.



Despite the fact that you saved me once before, where I go now, you cannot follow. I release you from my service, now and always.

Light illumine and protect you.



It is a difficult thing for a man to stand against darkness, chaos, betrayal and terror, even when there is little or no hope to be found, and to hold to that which is just while doing so. I have known men of such honor and ability in the past; they are often to be found in the Borderlands, or in that region which once was known as storied Manetheren.

I believe that you are one such, as well.

Walk ever in Light.



A word of advice: choose your battles wisely.

Light shine on you.


A book appears beside the letter. It is a simple leather-bound journal, filled with writing in the same neat script as that of the letter itself.


Although I might yet wish for the chance to offer you additional teaching and guidance, I have delayed as long as I dare, and now no more time remains. You are strong, though; in power, in will, and in heart. Light willing, it shall be enough.

The book that you will have received with this letter contains what is known of the writings of Corianin Nedeal, who was knowledgeable in the ways of moving and acting within Tel'aran'rhiod. I have added my own notes, as well. Given your past experience, you may find it useful, although I would advise caution.

Light illumine and protect you, Kim. I think you will do well.



I did not wish to leave a second time without some word of explanation, inasmuch of one as I can give, at any rate. I have gone back to the world we both know, to do what I alone may and what now must be done, if our world is to have any chance to survive.

Do not blame yourself for not realizing what I had planned before you receive this; I took care to hide it from everyone as best I could, perhaps especially from you. No man can stand divided within himself, and things are as they were meant to be.

Still, the days we have spent here have been a grace unlooked-for. I am glad to have seen you again, before the end.

Light illumine and protect you, Lan Gaidin. Fare well.



It is said in my world that men of the Borderlands will take a dagger's wound to avoid harm to a woman and count it fair trade. I see the same sense of honor and integrity in you, when it comes to those that you have chosen to protect, and I am glad of it.

Light illumine and protect you, Malcolm Reynolds. I am pleased to have known you.



I would have loved to see you dance in the court where I was raised; you would have shone among them like a jewel. When you wear the necklace I left with you, dear once-niece, remember me.


Two letters appear on the bar's surface when he approaches. One is addressed to Gwion and entrusted to Merriman's care, while the other is for Merriman alone.


I think that you will understand better than most when I tell you that I have gone to do what must be done. Light send that it will be enough, and that our world may be as fortunate as yours has been.

You have been a trusted and dear friend to me, and I will miss you. May you find joy, all your days.


Dai'stiho, sister-- for though you are not Aes Sedai, you are of my sisterhood in truth.

Light illumine and protect you, and may you fare well, always.



I have gone back to the world that we both know. Lan knows; I have left him a letter as well, although I told neither of you in advance, nor Rand. I could not take the risk that any of you would try to stop me from doing what I must now do, and although you may be angry with me, I think that you understand.

Light illumine and protect you, Aes Sedai.



It is unlikely that you will see me here again; the Wheel weaves, and my part in the Pattern lies elsewhere for now. Take all due care, but know that this place holds something of a haven from that which we face elsewhere. Still, be cautious, always; nowhere is truly safe.

Should you meet a man named Behrooz Araz, you may mention my name to him, as well as yours. I think you will find him to be of interest.



The time has come, and I must go, but I shall neither forget you nor that of which we spoke.

May Light shine on you, and the hand of the Creator shelter you, all your days.



Once again, I have gone where I must to do what I might. Should I be successful in that which I am about to attempt, we shall have some additional short span of time in which you may do what is needed before Tarmon Gai'don is upon you. Use it wisely.

The world lies in your hands, Rand; then again, it was always meant to.

Light illumine and protect you. As I have said before-- you will do well.


A well-read volume appears on the bar's surface, with the letter tucked inside the cover. It is a book that he is more than likely to recognize.


Remember what I have asked of you, please; remember, and heed.

Thank you for everything, my only beloved brother.



Hile, gunslinger, and fare well.

Light willing, I think that you shall.



Walk ever in Light.



It is a difficult path that you have chosen to walk, but one not without reward, as I am certain you are already aware. You have been in my thoughts a great deal these past days, for reasons I cannot explain here, but know that I wish you well. Light shine ever on you and those you hold dear.



I must depart, and it does not now appear that I shall have the chance to speak with you before I do. The time has come, and I go to do what must be done. I leave this to you instead of calling the number you gave me, for some of these matters are easier to write than to speak, and words on a page often last longer in the memory than those heard.

It is hard to face the Shadow and come away unaffected, and it seems that your friend Nancy Deepneau has learned this. Light shine on her and illumine her path, that she may some day again be free of darkness.

You wrote of the smaller evils of human existence, perhaps questioning whether they were or should be as much a concern as the larger evil that you and I both know all too well. I cannot decide for you, but I can advise that it is just such small weaknesses that open the mind and heart to the influence of worse things. It is known in my world that to yield to the Dark One even for an instant, even in the smallest matter, is to allow him to tie a string to one's heart, a string that may never be able to be cut. Deny him, and his power fails.

It may be that the situation and that which you face now is different than once it was, but the heart of your calling and of your self remains unchanged, I suspect. I offer you one more thing to think on, and that is this: there may be another beside you who stands ready to take up this charge and to direct the shape of that which will come.

Light illumine and protect you, Susannah. Your friendship has been a gift beyond reckoning.



It is a very difficult thing indeed to turn away from the temptation of the Shadow. Few try; fewer still succeed. You have done well.

Light illumine and protect you and those of your House.



It is time, and I go to do what must be done.

I shall miss you, dear friend.



You will do well. Light shine on you.


A final bundle of letters is left with the bar, with copies addressed to the following: Adam Young, Alanna of Trebond, Alice Liddell, Aziraphael, Bernard Wrangle, Cordelia Vorkosigan, Dionysus, Elaine le Blanke, Elizabeth Bennet, Galadan Wolflord, Garion of Riva, Harry S. Truman, Indiana Jones, Ingress, Kate Pryde, Lilly Kane, Machu Picchu, Mary Lennox, Michael Daemon Donighal, Michaelangelo, Nymphadora Tonks, Peter Petrelli, Peter Pettigrew, Puck, Raphael, Ray Stantz, Regulus Black, Simon Tam, Suzi Darley, Svava, Tony Stark, Truman Burbank, and Yrael.

My days here have been the richer in a great many ways for having known you.

Light illumine and protect you.